Zofia Borzymińska

Zofia Borzymińska is head of the Department of Varsovian Jewish History at the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute (JHI), Warsaw, where she has been working since 1978. For many years she has carried out  various research projects concerning the Jewish community in Warsaw, its culture, religion and social history, in particular the institution of the Warsaw kehila from the end of the 18th to the 19th Century. In 1989 she received her Ph.D. from the Polish Academy of Sciences for her study, Jewish Schools in Warsaw; 1831-187. From  1993-1995 she was director of the Publication and Education Departments at the JHI and edited the two-book series published by the Institute. She has written  Dzieje Żydów w Polsce. XIX wiek. Wybór tekstów źródłowych (History of the Jews in Poland; XIX Century,  Selected Historical Materials) (1994); and (with Rafał Żebrowski) PO-LIN. Kultura Żydów polskich w XX wieku (POLIN: The Culture on the Polish Jews in XX Century) (1993).

In  1993 she was awarded the Israeli Yad Vashem (Jerusalem) prize for her work. She was was also editor- in- chief of the publication: Polski słownik judaistyczny. Historia, Kultura. Religia. Ludzie (Polish Judaic Dictionary: History, Culture, Religion, People) vol. 1-2 (2003).

Zofia Borzymińska cannot be present due to illness but Eleonora Bergman will read her lecture entitled: When did the Warsaw Jews begin to represent all Jewish communities in Poland?

Warsaw Jews as Representatives of Polish Jewry


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