Motti Zalkin


Mordechai (Motti) Zalkin was born in 1952 in Jerusalem. He studied for his PhD from 1992-1996 at the  Hebrew University in the Department of Jewish History under Professor Immanuel Etkes and completed a thesis entitled ‘The Jewish Enlightenment in Russia 1800-1860, Social Aspects’.

From 2008 until the present time he has been Associate Professor, Department of Jewish History, Ben-Gurion University. Prior to that he was senior lecturer at the same university. From 1995 – 1998 he was a lecturer in the Department of Jewish History, the Hebrew University, and taught at the Schechter Institute of Judaic Studies, Jerusalem. He was also a research assistant at the Institute of Advanced Studies, the Hebrew University and an instructor at the Open University, Tel Aviv. He is the author of numerous publications.

Mordechai Zalkin will present a lecture entitled: What is there, in the Litvak’s Head?


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