Jerzy Tomaszewski

Jerzy Tomaszewski was born in 1930 in Radomsko. He gained his Doctorate from the   Main School of Planning and Statistics (SGPiS) in 1960 (‘Stabilization of the Currency in Poland 1924-1925‘) and Dr. hab. in 1963 (‘From the Past of the Polesie Region 1921-1939’). In 1972 he was appointed Professor at Warsaw University’s Institute of Political Studies and from 1990 he was Director of the Mordechai Anielewicz Centre for the Study and Teaching of the History and Culture of the Jews in Poland at Warsaw University’s Institute of History. He retired in 2003 and is now Professor at the High School of the Economy of the Country in Kutno. He has written numerous books and articles which have been published in Polish, English, Czech, Bulgarian, German, Italian, Japanese and Hebrew concerning the economic and political history (particularly the history of Jews and other minorities) of Poland, Bulgaria, Czech and Slovak Republics.


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