Gershon Bacon

Gershon Bacon is Associate Professor in the Jewish History department of Bar-Ilan University, where he holds the Klein Chair for the history of the Rabbinate in Modern Europe.  He is an expert in the history of East European Jewry, specializing in the social, political and religious history of Polish Jewry in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His numerous publications have appeared in leading academic journals in the United States, Europe and Israel.  Among his best known works are The Politics of Tradition: Agudat Yisrael in Poland 1916-1939 (1996: revised and updated Hebrew edition, 2005) and The Jews in Poland and Russia: Bibliographical EssaysThe Yivo Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe (1984). He was also one of the editors of the recently published (2008). He is currently engaged in research and writing of the book The Jews of Modern Poland, to be published by the University of California Press. Professor Bacon was educated at the University of Pennsylvania (BA), Gratz College (BHL), the Jewish Theological Seminary (MHL, ordination) and Columbia University (MPhil.,PhD.).

Gershon Bacon will present a lecture entitled: Enduring Prestige, Eroded Authority: the Warsaw Rabbinate in the Interwar Period.


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