Gabriel Finder

Gabriel Finder is an associate professor in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures and teaches in the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Virginia. His research interests lie in Central and East European Jewish history and culture, the Holocaust, memory of the Holocaust, the reconstruction of Jewish life after 1945, and relations between Jews and non-Jews in Central and Eastern Europe with an emphasis on Poland, especially under communism. His publications in these areas have appeared in several scholarly journals. He is contributing coeditor of volume 20 of Polin (2008), which is devoted to the construction of Holocaust memory in Poland. He is currently working on a book entitled Jews, Poles, and the Afterlife of Holocaust Memory in Poland, 1945-1968 that explores the efforts of Jews and certain ethnic Poles who were outside the mainstream and did not toe the party line to find common ground between their respective memories of the Nazi occupation of Poland. In this vein, the book identifies episodic Jewish and Polish attempts to eschew competitive memory and integrate Jewish and Polish experiences under Nazism.

Gabriel Finder will present a lecture entitled: The Politics of Retribution in Postwar Warsaw: In the Honour Court of the Central Committee of Polish Jews.


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