Ela Bauer

Ela Bauer is the chair of the Department of Communication and Film at the Seminar Ha-Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv. In addition, she teaches in the Jewish History Department at Haifa University and is the academic coordinator of The Posen Research Forum for Jewish European and Israeli Political thought at the Haifa University Faculty of Law. Her academic interests include the history and culture of Polish Jewry and the history of the Jewish press. Her book Between Poles and Jews:  The development of Nahum Sokolow’s political thought, was published in the series of the Center for Research on the History and Culture of Polish Jews in 2005. Her recent articles are dealing with the triangular discourse on the role of Yiddish that played out in the pages of Hazefira, Hamelits, and Hamagid in the last decade of the nineteen century, the Jewish Polish intelligentsia in Warsaw, Jan Gottlieb Bloch and Hayim Zelig Slonimski and Alexander von Humboldt.

Ela Bauer will present a lecture entitled: The Editor, The Newspaper and the City: Hayim Zelig Slonimski and the Hatsfira.


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