The Generation of March 1968: Searching for Meaning after Marxism

Marci Shore

Yale University

This paper explores the intellectual trajectory of the “pokolenie marca” in the years following 1968.  Many, although by no means all, among the “komandosi” active in the March protests were the children of communists “of Jewish origin”; during the Stalinist years they had enjoyed a (relatively) privileged childhood.  They came of age in the 1960s, amidst revisionist Marxism.  And Marxism—if by then a very much contested Marxism—was a shared intellectual starting point.  Yet the events of 1968—in particular the “anti-Zionist” campaign in Poland and the failed hopes of the Prague Spring later that same year—both marked this generation’s political consciousness and brought the beginning of the end of Marxism in European intellectual life.  What, then, came next after Marxism?


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