Adam Sutcliffe


Dr Adam Sutcliffe is Senior Lecturer in European History at King’s College London. He specialises in the intellectual history of Western Europe, c.1650-1850, and also in early modern Jewish History. He is the author of Judaism and Enlightenment (Cambridge University Press, 2003), a study of the philosophical and political significance of Judaism and Jews in European Enlightenment thought. He is currently researching two book projects: one concerning the treatment of questions of national and ethnic difference, particularly in relation to Judaism, in western European political thought in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century; the other exploring changing practices, ideals and concepts of friendship in the long eighteenth century, primarily in France and Germany. He is also currently co-editing two volumes; Philosemitism in History, forthcoming from Cambridge in 2011, and volume seven of the Cambridge History of Judaism, covering the period 1500-1815.


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